First Clash of Armor

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One of the biggest tank battles of World War II took place in the early days of the war when a German PanzerKorp tried to breakthrough the French Mechanized Cavalry Corps, covering the establishment of the infantry divisions of the French First Army in the Gembloux Gap.

The purpose of the present study is to compare the organization, equipments, tactics of both the German PanzerWaffe and the French Mechanized Cavalry (the true counterpart to the German PanzerWaffe and not the French Division Cuirassée de Réserve)

French Mechanized Cavalry Corps vs XVI's PanzerKorp


Tactics of the German PanzerWaffe and the French Cavalry

Smashing through the Belgian defences

The road to the battle

First Encounter: Hannut, 12th May 1940

Clash of Armor: 13th May 1940

The Cavalry Corps retreats: 14th May 1940

When the infantry stopped the tanks: 15th May 1940


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