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Computer Games

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Probably, the best sites available on Computer Wargaming with all patches, scenarii and infos you can dream of on your favourite wargames

CCIII: France 40
You want to convert your CCIII to play the French Army in 1940.
Well, Dreaded88 has done it for you

Steel Panthers: World at War
The Ultimate game in the Steel Panthers series
(the nice thing it is free, the bad thing it is 300 Meg download !)

French Army History

Nowfel Leulliot's site on the French Army in 1940. Full of information.

Le Poilu
Jacques Tréhoux's site on the French Army in WWII. Full of information.

Indochina War
Nowfel Leulliot and Dany O'Hara's site on the Indochina War. Full of information.


Saumur Tank Museum
If you cannot visit the museum, then you should have a look at their site

Achtung Panzer
Probably the best site on WWII German tanks. Full of information


Vae Victis
The french wargaming magazine

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