Who am I ?

    Well, just to start, my name is Stephane Commans. I'm now living in a little town, 10 km south of Paris but after spending most of my childhood since 1969 in Roubaix (in the north of France, where all my family has lived for more than two centuries), I have studied in Lyon, Paris and Munchen in Germany (but I still don't speak German !! I have to admit).

T-72 tank Saumur Tank Museum
In my opinion, one of the most beautiful tank ever built
(russian design has something special)

    I have a PhD thesis in Biochemistry and I'm working as a biology research scientist for a big pharmaceutical company but my favourite hobby is wargaming. I have bought my first wargame when I was 14 in a no-longer existing french magazine Jeux et Stratégie (may be some people recall this magazine). I then turned to play with boxed english wargames like Panzer Leader from AH. Also during this period, I used to play role-playing games like Advanced Dungeons & Dragons or Runequest (probably my favourite). During my PhD thesis, I bought my first computer: a Macintosh and started computer wargaming with Stalingrad, Close Combat, Allied General... At that time, I remember to hate Steel Panthers so much since I could not play with it ! Therefore, I decided to buy a PC so I could play with all the wargames in the world. Well, I still have one big problem: I can't find the time to play !

1st Tirailleurs Regiment

     Although I had always an interest for history (in particular military history), my interest in tanks is more recent. As most men used to do, I have done my military service back in 1993/94 in Epinal in the 170ème Régiment d'Infanterie which became the 1er Régiment de Tirailleurs by the end of my military service (as unbelievable as it may seem, I have done my military service in colonial troops !!). Since at that time, I was in the middle of my Ph.D thesis, I should never have gone to an infantry regiment in a combat company to become a sergeant commanding a AMX10P armoured troop carrier !! But It actually happened. During one maneuver, I had the opportunity to see Leclerc tanks: very impressive compared to AMX30 B2 !

AMX10P Armored Personnel Carrier (Mourmelon, december 1993)

Thanks to the net, I now have the opportunity to share knowledge about the french army with other people

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