French Orders of Battle

The plan is to provide the most detailed TOE and OOB (for wargaming purposes) through the century.
Since I have a greater interest for WWII, I have started with the western campaign of 1940 but Indochina and WWI will follow.

Key to Charts

[World War I]        [World War II]        [Indochina War]        [Miscellaneous]

World War I

          General TOE
                - Cavalry Division (1914)
                - Infantry Division (1914)

            Specific OOB
                - French Army, August 1914

World War II

           General TOE
                - Light Cavalry Division (1940)
                - Light Mechanized Division (1940)
                - Infantry Division (1940)
                - Motorized Infantry Division (1940)
                - Armored Division (1940)

            Specific OOB
                - French Army, 10th May 1940
                - French Army, 5th June 1940
                - Les Grandes Unités Françaises during the Western campaign (1940)
                - Corps Expéditionnaire Français (Italie 43-44)
                - 1ère Armée Française (France 44)

Indochina War

                - Paratroops Battalions
                - French Foreign Legion
                - North African Troops

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