This part has been restricted to Computer Wargaming the French Army in the Twentieth Century
Although it seems to be quite restrictive, a number of excellent games gives the possibility to play the French Army through the twentieth century (with of course, a greater emphasis on WWII and 1940).
It will probably be some time before a company comes up with a WWI tank simulator (that would be quite fun !)

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Computer Games

Steel Panthers: World at War and Steel Panthers: World War II
area covered: WWII (although one could also play Indochina war)
scale: infantry squads and individual tanks, 50m/hex, 2 to 3-minutes/turn
type: turn-by-turn tactical game with PBEM
editor: yes (everything can be edited from icons, units and maps)
Well, personaly, I think this new generation of Steel Panthers made by fans of the series is a true must have on your hard disk !! (and it is for free)

Operational art of War series
area covered: WWI to present
scale: battalions to corps, 2.5 km/hex to 25km/hex, 6-hours/turn to week/turns
type: turn-by-turn operational game
editor: yes with a fantastic events editor allowing designers to model specific aspects
Well, personaly, although Talonsoft's commercial policy is subject to questions, the serie remains without equivalent although a number of things are not taken into account (like forts and fortified lines for example, I have always been wondering how to model the Maginot Line)

Close Combat series
area covered: WWII
scale: infantry squads and individual tanks, 600 x 600m maps
type: real time tactical game
editor: no
Well, personaly, I'm starting to be disapointed by the Close Combat series but you can find on the web a terrific FRANCE 40 version of CCIII !!

Panzer Commander
area covered: WWII
scale: infantry squads and individual tanks
type: real time tank simulator
editor: yes
Well, this is the only tank simulator that allows you to take command of some french tanks like the SOMUA S-35

Combat Mission
area covered: WWII Western Front 44-45
scale: infantry squads and individual tanks, 1-minute/turn
type: turn-by-turn tactical game with PBEM
editor: yes
Well, the new generation of computer wargames (a combination of Close Combat and Panzer Commander) is absolutely fantastic. I can't wait for a FRANCE 1940 extension !


Well for the moment, you can download a scenario that I did for CyberStratège n°14:

Stonne: Das Verdun von 1940
(for SP:WW2)
Download the zip archive (45 Ko): Stonne40

(for Combat Mission)
Scenario description and download

But more to come soon (I hope)

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