French Equipment Database

"The Famous 75"

I have decided to restrict this database to equipment designed in France and used by the French Army.
(As a starting point, I will work exclusively on the tank section and turn to other sections as soon as I can)

Infantry weapons
            - Small Arms
            - Machine Guns
            - Mortars
            - Anti-tank Guns
            - Anti-aircraft Guns

            - Field guns
            - Rail guns
            - Self-propelled guns
            - Trench mortars
            - Anti-tank Guns
            - Anti-aircraft Guns

World War I
        - Schneider Tank Medium Tank
        - St-Chamond Tank Medium Tank
        - Renault FT-17 Light Tank
        - FCM 2C Heavy Tank
In between wars
        - Renault D1 Light Tank
        - Renault D2 Battle Tank
        - B1 Battle Tank (see B1bis battle tank)
World War II
        - Renault R35 Light Tank
        - Hotchkiss H35/39 Light Tank
        - FCM 36 Light Tank
        - B1bis Battle Tank
        - Renault AMC35 Cavalry Tank
        - SOMUA S35 Cavalry Tank
Post-WW II
        - ARL 44 Transition tank
        - AMX 50 Heavy tank
        - AMX 13 Light tank
        - AMX 30 Battle tank
        - AMX 40 Battle tank (prototype)
        - Leclerc Battle tank

Armored Vehicules

Soft Vehicules

Miscellaneous Equipment

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