The Infantry Regiment GrossDeutschland during the french campaign

10th May to 20th June, 1940

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    The Infantry Regiment GrossDeutschland was probably the most powerful motorized unit in the entire German Army. The IRGD was greated in 1939 from elements of Berlin's Wacht Guard Regiment, infantry instruction regiment and 92nd Infantry regiment. The selection of its personnel as well as its equipment made it the Wehrmacht's elite. Its combat record during the western campaign would ensure its reputation as a first class fighting unit.

The aim of this study is to provide information for a SP:WaW campaign.

IRGD OOB, 10th May 1940

Special Operation NIWI, 10th May 1940

The battle for Etalle, 10th May 1940

The battle for Villers, 10th May 1940

Lost in the forest,11-13th May 1940

IRGD's role in the Sedan Crossing, 13th May

The French counterattack, 14th May

STONNE: Das Verdun von 1940, 14th-17th May

IRGD in the Dunkirk battle, 20th-29th May

Breaking through the Weygand Line, 6th June

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